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American Air Conditioning and Heating technicians are trained and certified in cleaning your air duct, vents and main units. We only use state of the art air duct cleaning equipment to remove the dirt, dust and debris from your air ducts and vents. Our system works by using high pressure compressed air to blast your air ducts clean. This method is safe to use on all types of duct work including “flex duct” which are in most homes.


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Asthma and Breathing problems:
When your furnace or air condition is blowing out cold/hot air it’s also blowing out dust and other pollutants that will fill the air you breath. Clean air ducts can greatly reduce the amount of dust and dirt that is in your air. One of the leading contributing factors for asthma flare ups and allergies is pollutants in your household air.

Dust Mites and Allergies:

Did you know that common household dust mites are one of the leading causes of asthma? Every home has them. Dust mites can thrive in areas like your air ducts and carpet. If you suffer from allergies or any sort of breathing problem you should seriously consider having your air ducts cleaned. While vacuuming and dusting may be a part of your weekly cleaning routine, these basic methods invariably leave dust and dirt behind, and no amount of regular cleaning can capture every dust mite your home produces.

Here's how American Air Conditioning cleans your air duct system.

American Air Conditioning and Heating uses powerful, truck-mounted equipment to clear your air ducts of dust, debris, pet dander, allergens, and grime. This powerful suction equipment essentially vacuums out years of accumulated dust from the air ducts, leaving them clean and clear. And, as always, we clean up all work areas and leave your home just like found it.

Take a look at the before and after photos below. That photo tells the whole story.

Air duct cleaning helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, which saves you money.

Air duct cleaning which focuses on the dirt in your air ducts, can also boost the efficiency of a dirty HVAC system, cleaning out the particulate matter that can hinder HVAC effectiveness.

Call today for a free inspection and cost estimate...210-928-2665.

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